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Best Sellers Sampler 6 Pack

Best Sellers Sampler 6 Pack

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Find out why everyone keeps coming back for these top-selling flavors!

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Unsure of what flavors to choose? We went ahead and chose some of our best selling flavors for you! We think you'll be pleased! Flavors included in this 10 oz. starter pack are: Sea Salt Fiery Chipotle Sea Salt & Black Pepper Butter Toffee Chili Lime Honey Roasted
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Shipped fresh from our farm to your doorstep for 30 years.

Belmont Peanuts are an everyday luxury for natural snack lovers who want exceptional taste, unrivaled variety, and a remarkably crisp and satisfying crunch. With blends of sweet, spicy, savory, and everything in between, the only thing harder than picking a favorite is resisting another handful.

While Belmont has become synonymous with peanuts, we offer a variety of irresistible nuts and nut mixes. Whether you’re here for peanuts, cashews, or anything in between, every order is made with an old fashioned dedication to quality and shipped fresh from our family farm to your doorstep.

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