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 About Us 

Meet the Marks Family

 (l to r) Robert, Megan, Bob, Patsy Marks, Kelly, Scott and Scooter Russell

In 1993 Belmont Peanuts of Southampton, Inc. was launched.  It all started with an idea to promote a product that our family has produced and believed in for generations.  Mail order seemed to be a good fit as it allowed me flexibility and time for growth while being at home with our children.  The basement of our home seemed like a likely place to start out.

     The product was without a doubt - peanuts!  I grew up on a farm in northeastern North Carolina where my father grew peanuts each and every year.  As a young girl, I watched my father plant his crops, cultivate them through the growing season and finally prepare for the harvest in the fall.  Bob, my husband, and his brother Mike, are also in the agricultural business and yes, peanuts are a regular crop even today.  We live in an area called the "Heart of Peanut Country."  It is this area, southeastern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina that produces the "Virginia Type Peanut" that is so well known.  We wanted to share what we, along with other area farmers, grow with pride.

     The original structure of our home which is named "Belmont," dates back to 1790 and is on both the Virginia Landmarks Register and the National Register for Historical Places. My family and I thought it would be appropriate to associate its historic name with quality peanuts that have played such an important role in Virginia's history - consequently our business name became Belmont Peanuts of Southampton, Inc.

     Our business has grown with the help from each one of my family members.  We have spent endless hours packaging peanuts, folding boxes, filling orders and paying close attention to a product that we truly believe in - the Virginia Type Peanut.  There have even been times when the children have had to get out in the fields, chopping and pulling weeds on hot sunny days. Those long peanut rows get even longer on days like those!

     Just as my family has grown and matured, our business has taken off.  In 2004, David Peck joined us.  David has been around the business since he was very young and knows how to cook a great peanut.  Along with his cooking skills, he is knowledgeable in every aspect of the business.  David has been a tremendous asset to our company.  As a result of our growth, additional space was needed.  We moved into a facility on the farm.  Today, we cook, package and ship from that facility. 

     Our success is attributed to our wonderful customers sharing our products with their friends, families and associates.  Word of mouth really is our biggest advertiser.  And yes, we have developed many special friends all over our country and abroad.  We appreciate your business and strive each day to provide exceptional Virginia Gourmet Peanuts and peanut products.  Our peanuts are always cooked to perfection with the intent of treating your taste buds to that "Great fresh taste from the country!" 

     Yes, we live in a rural area, working the land to preserve a way of life that we treasure.  On the farm, Bob and Mike not only grow peanuts.  Our other crops include cotton, corn, soybeans and even watermelons.  Each crop is grown under their watchful eyes with careful attention given to good environmental practices.  Our livelihood depends upon the quality of products that we produce and market all over the world.

     Freshness, quality and customer service is our commitment everyday.  We love what we do - we believe in what we are promoting - we enjoy talking with our customers.  Today we are not just a mail order business - we welcome wholesale accounts, offer quantity discounts and specialize in private labels.  Our doors are open to opportunities that help promote the Virginia Type Peanut and peanut products.

     We really are down on the farm - please stop by for a visit - we'd love to meet you and show you around.  If you are new to us and are contemplating ordering our products - go ahead - we guarantee you'll be glad you did.


Warm Regards,


Patsy Marks



The Peck Family
Tyler, David, and Hunter

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to stop by and see us.  I was born and raised in the small town of Wakefield Virgnia.  The first peanuts in the new world were grown in that area.  Since 1976 I have been cooking and experimenting in the kitchen to try and create the best Virginia Gourmet Peanuts available.  I joined Patsy and Bob here at Belmont Peanuts in the summer of 2004 and together we created a facility right here on their family farm that we can hand cook and package our Gourmet Peanuts.
  Through the years many peanut companies have sprouted up out of envy of some of the larger companies in that area.  Let me tell you, I have put time in at some of those "larger" companies and I feel that what they were forgetting is that quality is what counts, not quantity.  I watched one of our peanut forefather's cook peanuts when I was so little I had to stand on a stool to see over the top of the fryer, back in those days he cooked the peanuts himself and taught a few of us along the way.  One thing I can promise you, if a batch of peanuts came out of his fryer he was not happy with, the peanuts were sent to the garbage can. That is the same philosophy that Patsy, Robert, and I live by today.  We are small enough that we cook every peanut by hand, just the way I was taught so many years ago.  No automated  equipment to cook our nuts, just one batch at time, plain and simple.  You will notice when you call us or order through our website that you will be dealing directly with Patsy, Robert, or myself.  We still believe that it is important to let our customers know that we do care and do not take your business for granted.  We will continue to work hard to insure that the products you order from us are clearly the best Virginia Gourmet Peanuts you have ever eaten.
     If you are interested in carrying our products in your store or need something for a fundraiser, please give us a call or e-mail one of us through the links below, we can even create a custom label just for you!

Keep on Munchin!

David Peck

The Belmont House Est. 1790

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